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ΕΚΘΕΣΗ: “ΣΚΙΕΣ, O Γερμανικός Εξπρεσιονισμός στον Κινηματογράφο και η Κληρονομιά του”

October 27, 2017 |


Αίθουσα Καστελιώτισσα, Λευκωσία 

7 – 19 Νοεμβρίου 2017

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Spatial Neurosynapses

October 19, 2017 |


Antoniou Kristia

2017 | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Diploma project | Supervisor: Maria Vogiatzaki Read More

32η Γενική Συνέλευση του Συλλόγου Αρχιτεκτόνων Κύπρου

September 28, 2017 |


Παρασκευή, 6 Οκτωβρίου 2017


Ισόγειος χώρος του Jean Nouvel Tower Read More

GRIDS OF ARCHAEOLOGY – International Architectural Competition for the New Cyprus Museum

September 21, 2017 |


Petrās Architecture – Tsampikos Petras, George P. Chousos

Design Team: Chousou Georgia, Drivas Theodosis, Mela Marilena, Symiakakis Emmanouil, Tsiligiannis Antonis

2017 | Proposal

Nicosia Read More


September 20, 2017 |


20-24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Έργο του προγράμματος της Πολιτιστικής Πρωτεύουσας της Ευρώπης – Πάφος2017

Επιμελητές: Μαρία Χατζησωτηρίου, Αγγέλα Κ. Πέτρου, Σεβίνα Φλωρίδου – Τμήμα Αρχιτεκτονικής, Πανεπιστήμιο Λευκωσίας

Μούτταλος, Πάφος

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GET HIGH WITHOUT DRUGS – First Prize in the Fabrication Category FABFEST LONDON 2017

September 15, 2017 |


1st Prize Fabrication Category FABFEST London 2017


Unic [ARC] Students: Nicos Agapiou, Anna Athanasiou, Valentinos Charalambides, Christina Christoforou, Konstantinos Karagiannis, Dionisis Voniatis and Katerina Tzanoudaki (Volunteer)

Unic [ARC] Mentors: Michail Georgiou and Odysseas Georgiou


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3rd Prize – International Architectural Competition for the New Cyprus Museum

September 8, 2017 |


Paul Kaloustian

2017 | Proposal

Nicosia, Cyprus Read More

Lecture: “Material_metry”- Architect Jeonghoon LEE / JOHO Architecture

September 7, 2017 |


Tuesday, 12th September 2017


Ampitheater of the Architecture Research Center, University of Nicosia


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Lecture: ‘Hybridity: Environment and performance in human centred architecture’, Merrit Bucholz

September 6, 2017 |


Monday, 11 September 2017


Ledras 68, Nicosia

Ground Floor Exhibition Area, Department of Architecture Read More

Production.Consumption.Attraction: Industrial Adaptive Reuse of Siba Factory

September 5, 2017 |


Demetra Hadjiyiangou

2015 | University of Cyprus

Diploma Project | Supervisors: Andreas Savvides, Maria Filokyprou, Christos Papastergiou Read More