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09 Aug 2014 @ 18:00 | Kato Pafos

On the 9th of August an architectural event is going to take place in Pafos. By taking the initiative for Pafos2017, YArch-Workshop visited and studied the city and made proposals in order to raise questions by aiming to create a communicative link of cultural x-change between the city’s users and the way they all together inhabit it as a space.

The meeting point will be at 18:00 at Kato Pafos in the parking lot at the touristic area. The finishing point will be at the 28th of October square in front of the municipality where at 19:00 the presentations will begin.

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YArch is an architectural two-week workshop based on a full time program during the summer period. The name YArch stands for Young Architects. YArch’s aim is to visit a different city each year, with the ambition to study and propose architectural solutions according to the city itself. The workshop is open to architecture students, as well as students considering a career in architecture, and graduate architects. It can additionally offer a great approach to architecture for individuals who are interested in exploring an extended field of research. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for lovers of architecture to create social and professional links.

It presents a challenging framework consisting of design workshops, field trips and seminars, debates on theory and application of construction technics and details. YArch emphasizes the importance of gaining experience, with the intention of bringing together students of all over the world, to collaborate with each other and work on the same project. Additionally, it gives the opportunity to students to explore the world of working with real life structures, from small objects to bigger scale.

[The above Information were collected  from the Yarch’s  website]


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