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Product: MARMOX MultiBoard ULTRA

Distributor: Inprohome Trading Ltd




Multiboard ULTRA


The All-in-One Solution for all Exterior & Interior Thermal Insulation and Waterproofing.

Easy to install board that significantly reduces  installation times and risks of failure.


Marmox Multiboard Ultra is the all-in-one solution for insulation, waterproofing, and dry lining. It is lightweight, easy to cut to size and can be applied to floors, walls and ceilings as a surface ready for tiles or plaster.

There are various thicknesses available ranging from 4mm to 100mm and this gives the Multiboard Ultra many uses from external insulation envelope for buildings, wall lining, floors and ceilings to constructing vanity units and steam benches. With Curved Multiboard Ultra any feature-defining curve can be created.


System Components

The Marmox External Thermal Insulation System consists of a range of different components applied in a specific sequence.

  1. Marmox Boards
  2. Adhesive: Cetox U or equivalent cementitious compound with synthetic resins.
  3. Mechanical Fasteners/Dowels to fasten the Marmox Board to the exterior wall surface
  4. System Profiles & Accessories. Corners: flashings, Drywall self-adhesive mesh tape, to treat the joints between two boards.




  • Excellent Heat Insulation λ value 0.034 W/M.K.
  • Waterproof
  • Protection against mould
  • Sound Insulation (20 decibels)
  • High Compressive strength (withstands 30 tons/m²) at 10% deflection
  • Rigid
  • Easy to cut & simple to install
  • Lightweight – easy to handle
  • Variety of sizes & thicknesses (4-100mm)
  • Environmentally friendly. CFC, HCFC and              HBCD free
  • Benefits:

    • Ideal for both internal & external use.
    • No need for multi component method
    • Ready to render or any other finish, tile or cladding
    • Cuts down on processing time
    • Achieves the perfect substrate


    What is Marmox Multiboard Ultra made of?

    MARMOX Board Ultra is an extruded polystyrene board, covered on both sides with an ultra thin polymeric cement mortar, reinforced with alkali resistance glass fiber mesh,providing a very special surface texture which ensures excellent adhesion to renders and adhesives.

    This de-coupling layer gives the Multiboard Ultra the same property as a crack isolation mat. Lateral movement in the floor and wall will not be transmitted to the rendered, finished or tiled surface.



    Where Marmox Multiboards ULTRA are used?

    _ Marmox Exterior Thermal Insulation System (METIS)  _ Roof Insulation System  _ Flooring underlay boards  _ Wall cladding and Tile backing  _  Steam Rooms _ Hammams  _ Pipe coverings _ Concealed Toilet cladding systems _ Bath surrounds _ Bathroom Elements _ Under floor Heating  Insulator _ Drylining & Partitioning


    Types of Marmox Boards:

    _Marmox Board Ultra _ Marmox Board Standard HD1 (Heavy Duty) _ Marmox Board SS-VBR (Single Sided- Vapor breathable boards) _ Marmox Board SS-VBR HD1 _ Marmox Jagged Board



    All Marmox production is subject to the controls of ISO9001  and because our products  are used globally they  also conform to all European, United  States and  International  standards where appropriate.








    Download: Technical Properties

    Download: Declaration of Performance


    Visit INPROHOME Trading Ltd in Nicosia to learn more about the innovative solutions Marmox Multiboard Ultra can offer.

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